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Question asked by on Oct 16, 2017
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I have had many users receiving a <File Missing> in all the fields in all databases. I personally cannot reproduce the issue but I work more in FM Pro Advanced while they just work in FM Pro and it does not happen in certain amount of time or everyday. However, they are receiving this prompt frequent enough to cause issues, some a few times a day. Once they quit FileMaker and reopen it, it works fine.

This issue started a few months ago. We did not make any changes to our FM server or clients at the time it started. Since the issue started, I have upgraded our FM server from 15 to 16 but the issue continues. I am also in the process updating everyone's computers to 16 as well. I'm just wondering if anyone knew why this was happening? Any recommendations to correct the issue? It really seems to be a problem if they leave their machine for any length of time greater than 10-15 min.  I tested increasing the time that the server allows people to have filemaker open to the length of a work day but that had no impact on it either.

We run everything on a Mac.

Computers are running Sierra OS 10.12.14

Filemaker pro 15 and some are on 16

Filemaker server 16.0.2 (recently, happened on Filemaker server 16 as well)

Server is running java 8 update 131

Server is running El Capitan 10.11.6 ( will be updating soon but didn't want to change too much at once)