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Portal Issue

Question asked by andyk3005 on Oct 16, 2017
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I have a requirement to display 2 portals accessing the same file data through different relationships.

I have a file containing engineers (layout associated to this file) and a file holding  jobs  to be done.  I have a requirement to see the jobs already allocated to individual engineers for a selected date and also to see unallocated  jobs so that  the user can drag and drop a job into the engineers list if that engineer has capacity. 

A user selects a date and selects and engineer from a portal list of available engineers. These are passed into global fields in the engineers file and related to the jobs file using a relationship between these and the corresponding fields in the jobs file.  All straight forward.    I now want to see all the jobs for that day where the engineer field is blank (unallocated) .  I set up another relationship engineers to jobs linking the day and a separate global set to "=".  This relationship does not return anything and if I remove the link to the engineer leaving just the date link the portal takes 10 secs to display presumably because there are multiple relationships to the same file?  Any pointers on resolving would be appreciated.