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JSONFormatElements Bug with Key Path

Question asked by FredoMkb on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by beverly

- Configuration: FileMaker Pro Advanced - Mac Os Sierra 10.12.6 - iMac 2017


- Description:

When trying to get the value of a key with the "JSONGetElement()" function placed inside a "JSONFormatElements()" function, this produces an error instead of returning the expected result (see attached file, record 1 = Ok, record 2 = error).




- How to replicate:

• Let's take the JSON code present in the presentation page of the online help and put it in a "json_datas" field (


• Then, put the following code in a calculation field "json_result":

JSONFormatElements ( JSONGetElement ( json_datas; json_path ) )


• Finally, insert the path into a "json_path" field.


If the path is ".bakery.product[0]", the result into "json_result" field is correct.


If the path is ".bakery.product[0].name", the result is an error code, whereas it would have been logical to have the value corresponding to the key, "Donuts" in this case.