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Choosing a Company Name from a drop down list

Question asked by u177svr on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by siplus

Hi Team,

I have a list of companies with drivers names (Field Name: Signature List) under the name of the company. This is on a separate layout (Collection Signatures).

Once I know the company name this gets entered into a Company List (Field Name: Company List) on another layout (Product Layout). This list is not related to the Signature List.

Once the driver comes to collect the product I press on a button from the Product Layout which takes you to the Collection Signature layout.

Because the Signature List is long, I am having to scroll down the list to find the Company the driver works for him to electronically sign for the product.

Is there a script or calculation that identifies the drivers company from the Signature List in the Collection Signature Layout once the button has been pressed?