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Container AVPlayer "Cannot Access Media"

Question asked by antidote on Oct 16, 2017
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I moved a client from a FMS14 to FMS16, now all the videos cannot be viewed.  We moved the iPads from FMgo 15 to FMgo 16.3.     Everytime you click the button for the AVPlayer it states "Cannot Access Media". In the same file I created a new table, same error.  We have recovered the file same error.  We have tried it from another file on the same server, same error.  I then tried it at one of our 16 servers at AWS same error.  If we use 15 FMgo still get the same error.



Create a container field.

Place it on a layout.

Create a button "Insert from Device" Video Camera and specify the container

from the iPad create a 3 second movie


Then create another but to play it. 

The button single script step: AVPlayer and specify the container field.


Clicking on it give me "Cannot Access Media"