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Monthly/Weekly report different payment dates

Question asked by valteri on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by valteri

Hi Guys,


I think I have a simple question: I have a layout with only one DB where I save some records like ID number, customer name and sometimes 3 payments/payment this (I will use "-" to separate the fields)

ID1 - customer name1 - payment1 -  payment date1

ID2 - customer name2 - payment1 -  payment date1

ID3 - customer name3 - payment1 -  payment date1 - payment2 - payment date2

ID4 - customer name4 - payment1 -  payment date1 - payment2 - payment date2 - payment3 - payment date3

ID5 - customer name5 - payment1 -  payment date1



So to do a Monthly report and see the payments grouped is it better to create a second DB just for payment and payment date?! And how to do a relation with the main db?!



thanks a lot!