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Specifying the file path for an import when hosted

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Oct 16, 2017
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One of my clients has a database hosted on a WAN by a third party provider. Their employees computers are hosted on a LAN. Their Import scripts show a dialog where the user can pick the file to be imported, but they keep screwing it up (picking the wrong source file, because they have similar ways). We need to specify the source file for each Import script and hide the dialog.


Since this involves two networks (the WAN and the LAN) , and the source files may be found on any employee's computer (one of the PCs in house, or a MAC notebook for at least one person who sometimes works from her home), I would like to specify a relative path to the file.


What will be known, and is never changing, are the filenames used by each script.(The files are overwritten each month). What will be ever-changing is the path to those files: a local hard drive on the MAC, or a computer on their LAN, which connect to the database on their WAN.


It seems like it should be possible to specify it with a variable which calculates the path of the files in question.  I'm thinking along the lines of Get(DocumentsPath) or Get(DesktopPath). Has anyone tried either? Any issues or considerations that I need to be aware of?