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Best AWS Instance Type for FMS?

Question asked by bigtom on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by User26869

I am looking at getting another AWS reserved instance for a FMS install. The t2, m4 and c4 (large) are all priced about the same.


t2 seems to have mysterious CPUs (maybe the same as the c4), but it has burst IO limits.


m4 seems to be a good choice, but effective use would be provisioned  IOPS


I am not sure if the c4.large is a better choice with Windows Server using close to 3GB of RAM just to run the OS. If FMC was a fully featured version of FMS16 I would expect c4 would be very good for FMS. I cannot justify the cost of the c4.xlarge for the use it will get.


Anyone have experience comparing these different instances? This would be for a development server. Various tasks happening with clients logging in to test. I want to provide an experience that will be close to them having their own AWS server and recommend specific instances to them.


BTW it is cheaper by about $1000/year to buy 22 m4.large individual than it is to get an entire m4 dedicated reserved instance and run 22 m4.large on it. Not sure how the bulk buy is more expensive but, whatever.