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FMS 16 does not autostart on Mac OS 10.12.6

Question asked by rsclavi on Oct 17, 2017
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Same problem as this topic FMS 16 on MacOS 10.12.5 will not auto start FMS  but update to FMS 16.0.2 did not solve the issue. Installation is on a single Mac Mini core i7 late 2012 with RAID disk, Mac OS 10.12.6 (High Sierra currently does not support RAIDs), which is switched on every morning and switched off every evening.


System log reports, for example:

Oct 17 08:00:39 localhost[1] (com.filemaker.fms[96]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255


Permission repair no longer exists in Sierra. Starting from terminal with sudo launchctl start com.filemaker.fms works fine, but requires admin password, so it can't be done by the first team member who arrives at the office :-(