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A little beyond sub summaries

Question asked by ykiykiyki on Oct 17, 2017
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I have a group of students, say 30. Their group lessons are so that 5 come on tuesday at 15:00 five at 16:00 five on friday at 18:00 etc...

I need a report on how many lessons i give during a period of, say 10 weeks.

In this case it would amount to 6 groups of 5 students having a lesson every week i.e.. 6 lessons to teach every week for 10 weeks (->60 lessons).


The above might be enough info but just incase...

Every student record has a day for lesson, hour for lesson.

I made a text calculation field "A" (day for lesson&" "&hour for lesson resulting in for ex. "friday 16:00".

I was able to sub summerize them by this calculation field.


So i end up with a list (sub summary) of all the lessons i have and would like to count the rows of the list and multiply by 10...