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List view of current found set in a portal?

Question asked by kschwier on Oct 17, 2017
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I have built a database of customers, which includes a scheduling layout, where the user enters specific search parameters for the customers that fit their query. My layout displays these customers in form view, but I would also like to have them in a list view on the same layout, for ease of navigating through them in an alphabetical list.


The search parameters are global fields as follows:

Project ID

Business Identifier (Needs Contacted, Follow Ups, Completed)

Scheduling Status (Emailed, Appointment Set, Sold, Not Interested)

A checkbox of prior customer or new customer

Sales Rep


These same fields then exist on each record. Not all of the search parameters need to be completed for every search. For example, find customers for XX project, that "needs contacted" that is a "prior customer". Another example would be find customers for XX project, that are "follow ups" for "XX sales rep". The "business identifier" changes as more information is gathered, for example if a business has been emailed or taken an appointment its identifier moves from "needs contacted" to "follow ups". If a business was emailed but then said they were not interested, the identifier moves from "follow ups" to "completed".


My search queries are working perfect on the form view layout to display the businesses that fit each search, but I can't figure out how to have a portal properly display my found set. I've related the portal based on the project ID and then used the portal filtering to narrow down some of the options, but I've found I can only get it to work correctly using two of the search parameters above.


I've tried reading through the forums and I've found problems similar to mine, but none that I've found are using multiple fields that are case function calculations, so I'm not sure if that impacts my situation.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.