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Get (RecordNumber)

Question asked by on Oct 17, 2017
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If information about a person continues from one page to the next, I thought the following equation would print the person's name in the Title.  If the new page starts with a new person then the name isn't printed in the Title.


Case ( IncentivePostings::Name = GetNthRecord ( IncentivePostings::Name ; Get ( RecordNumber )-1) ; IncentivePostings::Name ; "" )   


I'm having problems with Get (RecordNumber).  I thought that for each found set that the records were renumber starting with 1.  The 5th record would be record number 5, the tenth record would be record 10, etc.  This type of renumbering isn't occurring.  Get (RecordNumber) gives me a number that corresponds with the order the record was created.  The only found set numbered sequential starting with 1 is find all.  All others finds are not sequentially numbered but display the record number generated when the record was created.  So when I want information from the previous record, if the current record is 435 it will give me information from record number 434 which isn't in my case the previous record due a sort.  The previous record with the sort is record number 350 and it is this record that I want information from not record number 434.  What's going on?  Thanks for your help.