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Any issues with "Perform Apple Script" and Sierra and High Sierra?

Question asked by kim.m2 on Oct 16, 2017
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We're testing updating to FileMaker 16 (server + client) and ran into an issue with Perform Applescript.  We use Perform Applescript very simply: create or delete a text file on the server, or launch a photoshop droplet on a particular file.  (None of the process involves writing back to the database).  In my tests with FM 16, I get a warning "FileMaker Pro quit unexpectedly" each time Perform Applescript step is triggered.  (FileMaker doesn't actually quit, but the commands are clearly not executing). 


I tested with FileMaker 14 client (which is what we our users are officially using) - however I get the same error.  The mac I am using to test with is running Sierra, we also get this error on FM 16 and FM 14 on a Mac with High Sierra.  I have groups of users on El Capitan and Mavericks, and they aren't reporting any issues (they would, this is for a process they perform a hundred + times per week), which makes me think that this is an issue with "Perform Applescript" on just those two newer operating systems.


I did try using the commands directly in Terminal and they work for the most part (had to manually remove a few escape characters from the content of a text file for the overall process, but in general each step was successful).


Anyone else seeing this issue, or any suggestions?