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WebDirect New Window not using up additional connection license

Question asked by skywillmott on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Lisa Rose

So, I've read and hear people say that one of the reasons why WebDirect does not support Card Windows is that in WebDirect, opening a new window by way of a script or button (called a 'virtual window' in WebDirect), results in a new session, and hence an additional connection license being used up.


However, I have just tested this on Server 16.0.2 and Server 16.0.3, both with FLT 5 user licenses and opening a new window of any style (Document, Dialog, Floating, or Card) by using script or button in WebDirect does not appear to use up more than one of the FLT User Connection licenses at all, and checked the logs on the server etc and nope, just one connection... Furthermore, things like global fields and variables also still work and are visible in the new 'virtual' window just the same as they are in FMP/Go when you have multiple windows, so it seems that in WebDirect, using multiple 'windows' does not result in the separate, isolated sessions as I had been lead to believe. However, I have not tested this when using 'Concurrent Connection' licensing rather than FLT licensed servers, so maybe it works differently there? Also, I tested only using Safari on Mac, so maybe it behaves differently in other browsers or on mobile (Android or iOS Safari).


Can anybody else confirm this or have any more info? Have I been misinformed?


If this is right, then looks good for proper 'Card Window' functionality to come to WebDirect in future :-)