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go to layout print view not showing in FM16

Question asked by ndveitch on Oct 17, 2017
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Hi There,


Just come across a strange one. We moved a client from FM10 to FM12 a few years ago and now have finally moved them to FM16. Along the way we have noticed some weird things happen, like a random script step in script stops working and then we delete that step and add it back exactly as it was and then it worked. So as you can imagine the last few years have been interesting to say the least.


Well this next one is a new one for me and not sure if we are going to find this again, but I have just had my client complain that there is one print window not showing up when they press the print button. The page setup and print dialog boxes are showing, but the layout that the script has gone to does not show up, yet prints as expected. I added a Refresh Window to the script just after the go to layout step, and now it is showing as it used to in the previous version.


Is there something I can do to look for any scripts where this could be an issue, or do I just need to wait until my client moans about it and then go add the Refresh Window to those script that are causing the issue. It would be pointless going over every one of the scripts to add the Refresh Window to every script, because at the moment it only seems to be random scripts where this is happening as other scripts are working fine.