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Running a FMP script from a Server

Question asked by jareia on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by siplus

Script doesn't run completely through a loop step on a Windows Server but does work correctly on a Mac server.

There are no error coded generated but it only creates one record when it should create over two hundred records. I copied the solution to a Mac Server and ran the same script through the schedule on FMP Server and it works correctly. I attached the script to this email.

1. This script has worked for several years. There have been no changes to the script.

2. Runs correctly if I run it from my Macbook Pro remotely to the Windows Server.

3. Runs correctly from a Mac Server initiated from the schedule in FMP Server

4. Doesn't run through the loop on the Windows Server initiated from the schedule in FMP Server


Hopefully someone out there will be able help me.