LOgiCATOR: Ready, Set, Integrate…a Modular Search UI into your FileMaker Apps

Discussion created by mark_scott on Oct 17, 2017
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Beezwax has released a new version of our powerful FileMaker search tool, LOgiCATOR.  This is a major release — fully optimized for easy integration.



  • the modern, powerful yet intuitive search UI your FileMaker apps need
  • fully modular and easy to integrate
  • a pioneering example of a new way to add lightweight, modular functionality to FileMaker solutions
  • a great tool for learning how to use new FileMaker 16 card windows and JSON functions
  • totally free!



To download LOgiCATOR and begin using it in your FileMaker apps today, or just to find out more about it, check out our blog post LOgiCATOR Part 3: Ready, Set, Integrate…Into Your FileMaker Apps


Many thanks to everyone who has supported this effort!