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Show the date of last record

Question asked by on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by beverly

Hello Community,


I have customers and site reports tables. Engineer visit customer and do a site report.


On the customers layout, I would like to show the last site report visit date. There is a creation date field in my site report table. I would like to show the last site report on customer layout.


When I select different customer or go to next customer, the site report date should effictively change and refelect to selected customer.


I created "LastVsit" calculation field in my site reports table and wrote this calculation. But it says '?' on layout.

ExecuteSQL (

"SELECT CreationDate

FROM CustomerHome_SiteReport_CustomerID

WHERE complete = 1

Order BY CreationDate Desc



; "" ; "" )


My question is what would be best way to display the last site report date on customer layout.