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SAGE to FileMaker

Question asked by piaccounting on Oct 17, 2017
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I have a similar desire to the following post Sage Line 50 ODBC to Filemaker on Windows 64 bit in that I would like to extract data from SAGE into FileMaker. I have seen claims that FileMaker does not support the SAGE ODBC connection, although made by a company selling a SAGE to SQL to FileMaker solution!


I have no issues connecting Excel and SAGE (other than it being SAGE of course). I currently have SAGE v12 and have to locate the ODBC connector via C:Windows\Syswow64 (odbcad32.exe) rather than the good old fashioned  Control Panel – Administrative Tools and Data Sources (ODBC).


I am using FileMaker Pro Adv 15 (32 bit according to the “About” screen).


I presume that it is possible. Is anyone able to confirm this and what necessary steps I would have to take or consider?


Many thanks