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MFCX.dll a virus?

Question asked by jdw1 on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by jdw1

We recently setup a Synology DS218+ NAS at the office, mainly to share files on our office LAN.  The NAS's antivirus app flagged 3 instances of "MFCX.dll" as being "Win.Trojan.Agent-6014684-0".  Each instance of MFCX.dll was found in a separate folder on the NAS.  One was found inside a folder which has "Window_RunTime" in its filename.  Inside that folder were a lot of other *.dll files which were created by FileMaker for Windows -- FM Pro version 8, possibly.  In fact, in every folder in which the supposedly infected MFCX.dll was found, there were many other FM-generated DLL's.


Did the anti-virus app on the NAS quarantine these MFCX.dll files by mistake, or even if MFCX.dll is a legitimate FileMaker Pro generated file, could MFCX.dll have been infected by a trojan?  I don't see how only those files could be infected, since those 3 files were the only quarantined files on the entire NAS and we have a huge number of Mac and Windows files on that NAS.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Thank you.