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FileMaker Server 16 alters ODBC connections on server

Question asked by ric_cosa on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Jean-Francois

Hi, everybody


I'm experiencing a serious issue trying to move a customer's Windows box from FileMaker Server 13 to version 16.

The server runs on Windows 2008 R2 Standard with Service Pack 1 and there are 2 ODBC connections accessing another server in the same LAN with SQL Server 2005, using a System DSN base on the 64 bit Microsoft driver.



The installation works, FileMaker Server works, the dbs are open but the ODBC cannot reach SQL Server anymore, giving a SSL error (we don’t use SSL).


This is a huge  problem for my customer, but SQL Server 2005 it's not officially supported by version 16, so I can understand there are issues.


Anyway there's a more serious issue: after installing FileMaker Server 16, the ODBC connection itself doesn't work with SQL Server 2005 anymore. Not FileMaker, not ESS: Windows ODBC manager is not able to connect anymore, returning a 8001 error.

So also an external application running on the same server wouldn't be able to access SQL Server anymore because of what FileMaker Server 16 does.

The IT staff tried to stop the installation after every external component setup (Java, C++ libs etc.) and check if the ODBC was working or not. Looks like everything works until FileMaker sets up the website used by the Admin console.

Please let me know if there's a solution or, at least, a workaround.

Thanks in advance.