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Big problem with CVS file and one solution

Question asked by news24 on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by news24


I have discovered a big problem with CVS  files.

I have 12 CVS files with 10000 records in any files. When I open one CVS file with 10000 records Filemaker imports 9894 records. I lost 106 records!!!!!! This error is not for all files but when I import the same CVS file in Excel the value is correct, 10000 rows.

I have analysed the CVS ASCII file and I have seen the rows that FMP doesn't import. The 106 rows are in one block. The character that FMP doesn't recognise is \". These characters are used in some output to preserve the " char.

Excel resolve this one and other software recognise this char but FMP. FMP imports in wrong mode many records after this escape character.


I have resolved with the creation of a single big CVS file and I replaced the characters \" with empty. After FMP imports all records without loss.


Is this a bug?