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SMTP works from server control panel alerts but not from scripts

Question asked by alternapop on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by alternapop

I have two different Windows 2012 servers running Filemaker Pro Server 16. They are virtual servers in two different data centers. Both are configured within the FMP console identically as far as Email Notifications are concerned.


Both servers are able to send server email alerts for things such as database backups and server script completion emails.


We created a test database that sends a simple email via SMTP when an email address is entered within the database field and the 'send' button is pressed. This is only working on one of the servers, however.


I think that the network firewall should be configured the same for both servers, at least that was requested.


What could be causing this to fail on the other server? It doesn't make sense to me that server alert emails are working but script emails aren't.