Signing Forms in FileMaker

Discussion created by user28271 on Oct 18, 2017
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A client requested that I add a container field with a jpeg image of staff signature so they can digitally sign their weekly time cards.  This is a large company and their lawyer said it was fine.  They had a paper form staff signed agreeing to use this jpeg for their time card.  Fine with me.


BTW:  The posting of the signature included a text field with Date, Time, Computer Name, & Account name of the person who click the sign button. 


This  was about 5 years ago.


The recent headlines about Identity theft has many staff at this company uncomfortable with having their digital signature in FileMaker. 


I was thinking about having FileMaker generate a random number which will be posted to each TimeCard in leu of a signature.


How do other developer handle this, if at all.