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Question asked by mikeo'neil on Oct 18, 2017
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Hi Folks,


I am rewriting from scratch a solution (Patient Outcome Data) I did in FMP9. It has been updated throughout the years, and has gained some things I need to get rid of.


My concern is I have quite a few calculation and summary fields that enable me to display the charts and statistics I need.  Presently, I have a single table where I have all types of medical problems in this single table (includes patient ID’s, Conditions-Discharge Information, etc.). This table has 115 fields-32 of them are calculation and 27 are summary fields. I have not experienced any issues with this setup. Other data tables are for system info-user info-preferences...


Any thoughts/suggestions will be appreciated.


Additional Info:


The solution has multiple graphs (about 30) that display Counts of Type of calls, Counts of Cardiac Arrests-Alerts/Stroke/Trauma, Counts of Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC), Discharge Counts/Percentages by Shifts, Location, Hospitals… 


I provide a list of patients to the hospital ask for 7 simple fields of data to be returned securely. The hospital then provides the requested data and I import the data in to the solution using a temp table to clean the data if needed. The data I receive provides feedback I need for all the different classes of patient’s (Cardiac Arrest-Stroke Alerts-Cardiac Alerts (Heart Attacks)- and Trauma Patients.


The solution is a Patient Outcome Database that is intended for EMS Administrators, and Medical Directors for Fire & EMS Agencies. The solution receives data about critical medical emergencies such as Cardiac Arrest-Stroke Alerts-Cardiac Alerts/STEMI, Trauma Alerts and provides a way to document the outcome of the patient from also receiving data from various hospitals such as procedures done, discharge information, and patient status upon discharge. It also merges in data from 911 Centers as they provide Emergency Medical Dispatch, and several other related data subjects.


Sample chart attached.