FileMaker Standards / Best Practices Subspace?

Discussion created by alecgregory on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by jormond

I expect a number of us use the excellent FileMaker Standards site (


What I think would be great is if that sort of thorough documentation and discussion could be right here in the community in its own subspace.


What does everyone, especially those who have contributed to (jbante, toddgeist, mattman, jormond, perren) or used, think?


A few of my thoughts below:

  • I know FMI are reluctant to officially endorse any "Standard" way of doing things. However, I don't think they would need to endorse the subspace for it to exist. For example the App Innovations subspace exists perfectly happily without an FMI statement saying that the techniques are not endorsed by FMI.
  • The FileMaker Community site is much more capable these days and I think could manage things like a committee to have a final say on each standard or best practice if required.
  • The community has a lot more first time users and novices than it used to. It's best to have the standards and best practices accessible within the community to maximize their exposure to new users.