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Problem importing a csv file into FMP16

Question asked by ilenny on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by ilenny

I recently converted a solution from FMP11 to FMP16.

Now with FMP16 when importing from a csv file, that has a non-standard extension name, all the contents, including the commas, are imported into only one field.  But when I previously imported the same file into FMP11 they are separated into fields as they should be.


My financial solution imports .pmt deposit files which are downloaded directly from my clients online Banking account. These files are all named with a *.pmt extension. When I examine these files with notepad I can see that they are really csv files without the *.csv extension.  It is cumbersome to have to manually rename the files to import them into my solution.  I did not need to change the file names or extensions with FMP11. I was able to import the *.pmt files as is.


It seems that FMP11 automatically recognized the file type regardless of the extension whereas FM16 does not.


Is it possible to have FM16 treat a file named "deposit.pmt" as a file named "deposit.csv" when importing?

or is it possible to have FM16 first rename a file and then import it via a script?


Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.