2 Server deployment retrieve PHP container data via SSL

Discussion created by FrankPottner on Oct 18, 2017
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FileMaker Server 14 on 2 Windows 2012 Servers.

Master & Worker setup with SSL enabled.

Worker does WebDirect using SSL - works

PHP file on worker machine code;

     $FM = new FileMaker('MyDB.fmp12', '', 'MyAccount', 'MyPwd');

          ... does find for record

     $SingleRecord = $SearchResult[0];

     header('Content-Type: application/pdf');

     echo($FM -> getContainerData($SingleRecord->getField('MyContainerField')));


Error received = Communication error 22


The DB files and PHP code were copied off a single server install with SSL where this was working; the only difference was instead of an IP of it was "localhost".


Does port 80 have to be open on the master machine (DB server)?

Can I specify as the connection string?

The SSL certificate is valid for the name ""; will PHP throw an error if I connect via

     How do I prevent this error, "" is not mapped internally;

          edit /etc/hosts  file with something along lines of

Do I need to enable XML on the DB server to make getContainerData work in a 2 machine setup with SSL; may seem like a silly question but after researching this for 8 hours you start grasping at straws.

Anything else I need to be aware of?