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Difference between [Full Access] and other Privilege Sets?

Question asked by filopastrymaker on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2017 by William-Porter

According to the FileMaker Pro help:


The Full Access privilege set is the only one that permits access to the Manage Database dialog box in order to modify fields, tables, relationships, and data sources. It is also the only privilege set that permits changing accounts and privileges.


However, I have a problem in FileMaker Pro 11 where the behaviour for users with [Full Access] differs from that of any other users, even if those other users are granted every possible privilege available.


I have a script that parses some web data and creates line items in a portal. With [Full Access] privileges the line items are visible as soon as the parsing happens. With any other privilege set, the portal rows are created but the data is not visible until the records are committed.