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Advice on script for a time clock app I've made

Question asked by sharkenstein3d on Oct 18, 2017
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I've developed a time clock app at the company for whom I work. I did a lot of testing on it, then used it on just 2 employees for a while, but now it's finally in use. Of course, that's when new errors / issues arise.


Let me try my best to describe the issue. Every once in a while (usually only the first time the app has been used in a while), when an employee scans their ID and is expected to be at a page which will allow them to clock in, the app is on the entry for another employee.


The app is mounted on an iPad in the shop, and when it's dormant, it's on a layout called LoginScreen. On this LoginScreen, there's a button that employees can press to scan their IDs.


Attached that said button is a script called LoginEmployeeBarcode. I think the problem I'm having has to do with how I scripted the "logging in" (not technically logging in to any account) of employees. From the Login screen, the script navigates to a layout called Entries, which is where employees hit buttons for clock in, clock out, start break, end break, etc. After navigating to the layout Entries, the script will enter find mode, and grab the employeeID from the barcode on their backs of their IDs. The script first checks to see if there's already an entry for the current day. If there is, it pauses so the employee can start or end a break or clock out for the whole day. If there isn't already an entry, it just makes a new one.






The Employees table and Entries table are related by the employeeID. However, employees are not logged in to their accounts when simply clocking in and out. I wanted as few steps as possible, so there's a catch-all account called PlaceholderEmployee. This account is logged in whenever people are simply clocking in and out. Employees have an option to login with their username and password, and then they can do things like request time off, see past records, etc.


What I think is happening is every once in a while, the script is halted for some reason, and it only goes to the entries page, but doesn't find the correct employee. Which is why I am writing you all here. Maybe there's some glaring mistake I've made.


I'm pretty new to FileMaker developing, but I've gone through a lot of training in preparation for a larger whole-shop solution my company is working on with iSolutions. This app was kind of my practice run.