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Calculation using GetSummary results in a blank value

Question asked by ZacharyMatthews on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by philmodjunk

I am tearing my hair out on what seems to be a simple thing. Having read everything I can find I reach out to the community.


I have a summary field ("sum of students") that counts the number of students assigned to each teacher. Each student is a separate record so it's a simple Count summary. When I sort by TeacherName I get the result of "John Doe has Y students" where Y=the count of records, or students, that each teacher has. No problem. My report, sorted by TeacherName, successfully shows me all of the teachers (each in a sub summary part) their student names and a total number of students.


Now I want to add a simple calculation to that sub summary line of text.

     "John Doe has Y students" Followed by (Y x .75)

          which should read:

          "John Doe has 2 students (1.5)"


I tried the following


     GetSummary ( sum of students ; TeacherName ) * .75



I know the the summary field calculates.

The break field is the same as the sub summary sort field.

the Sort is correct and includes sub sorts to alphabetize by student names.

All of the fields are in the same table.


The result invariably comes out as zero as if the GetSummary calculation is getting a zero value from the summary field "sum of students".... despite a numeric value showing successfully in the same layout.


When I remove the calculation (* .75) and just put:

     GetSummary ( sum of students ; TeacherName )

I get a blank result.


Any ideas oh wise ones?