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PDF containers

Question asked by on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by TSGal

I have followed all of the requirements I have found to get the interactive part of a PDF container on a Mac to return to where it is showing PDF tools when the cursor is over the container with no luck. I have:


1. Removed ALL Adobe products from the computer.

2. Made sure that ALL PDF documents are set to Preview

3. Found and removed any and all plugins and helpers from adobe

4. Reinstalled Filemaker 16

5. Switched SSL off on the Server

6. Switched SSL back on when it made no difference.

7. All Windows computers work fine.  None of the Macs show the PDF tools when viewing a PDF file in a container set for PDF interactive.  All macs running 10.13 And Filemaker 16.03

8. Norton Security removed and then reinstalled when it made no difference.

9. No extra hardware on any Mac.

10. Created a very simple file with only one container set to PDF and inserted a pdf file using the context menu.

11. Removed the system from a laptop and then installed a new copy of High Sierra and a new FM 16.03


Since we are at the end of what we can think of to do, we are filing this as a bug or problem.