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Freezing a Card Window

Question asked by ndveitch on Oct 19, 2017
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Hi There,


I need to ask a question about the new Card Window. I was playing around with the new Card Window option and I can't seem to get the Freeze Window to work. The plan is to have a Card Window open to a blank layout with a message that says something like Processing... or Generating reference number... then use the Freeze Window step in my script. Then the hope was that the card window would stay on the blank message layout, but go to whatever layout I need so that I can do my searches, data manipulation, and reference number generation. Then close the window and with it being a card window, the parent window would still be in the original context, so I would not have to worry about being on the right record and I can the set whatever data I needed to set. The only thing is when I tried it, the second I hit the go to layout, the card window changed to the layout I navigated to.


Is the card window designed to handle this sort of thing, or should I revert to rather creating a new window off screen and running my script there instead?