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FileMaker - Automatic Glossary of MySQL Schema

Question asked by fishtech on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by aknudsen

I am working with a MySQL solution which has about 20 tables and 300 fields.  Some MySQL data is imported into FileMaker, and some data is used directly via ESS.


I'm  collaborating with a MySQL developer and a data analyst currently, but the solution will be opened to muggle users in the future.


We are creating a 'Glossary' in FileMaker. All terms used in the project can be defined in the glossary This will aid current collaboration and help guide future muggle users.


The current info on MySQL schem (field names, types, null & default values) has been exported from MySQL as a text file and imported to the FileMaker glossary and defined.


That is the process we now need to automate.


I'm thinking FileMaker could reach out via curl every 24 hours with a JSON query for the MySQL schema, and flag any differences/additions to the previous version.  For example, if the MySQL developer changes a field from a varchar(n) to a date?


Has anyone been down this road who can offer any advice?