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MAC Outlook not creating email with PDF attachment anymore.

Question asked by malibux14x on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by malibux14x

Hey all.  I have been using FM for some time but am very very green.  I set up my database and it has been working great until recently.  My outlook email (Mac Sierra 10.12.6) is no longer creating messages with the PDF attachments all of a sudden like this issue. 


I've searched the forum and found something similar to this but it still confuses me.

PLEASE HELP!!  Upgraded to OS Sierra, and now I can't email with a PDF attachment!


i have a table where i create the email i want to send.  I drop the PDF in a container, name it whatever name i want in a field and then it exports to the folder just fine under a set variable  ($$File4).  I then hit a button in my clients table and it used to create an email to that client with the body from the email table with an attachment that was created.  this worked flawlessly for years but all of a sudden, the email creates but goes right to my "DRAFTS" section in outlook without an attachment.  It doesn't even auto open the email any longer.


Can anyone please share any thoughts here as this has been a huge burden.  please keep in mind im still very much a noob here.   


Thank you!