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FM Go on iPad not printing correctly

Question asked by colclough on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by robyne

Product and version : 15.0.4

OS and version : 11.0.3 (15A432)


Hardware: iPad pro 12” 2017


Description: printing from FM Go to Canon TS8060 the printed form only prints across two thirds of the paper. It’s as though it is formatting it for a different size paper even though the print view prior to printing is correct.

I have isolated this issue to the iPad Pro version - iPhone & Pc version is printing fine.

Same printing issue is achieved on 2 separate canon printer models (TS8060 & MX895).


I was using the above setup to print without issue until installing IOS11.


Naturally I have checked, and adjusted, the page layout, paper size, appear size registered in printer etc.

I believe I have tried multiple devices & printers to isolate this issue to the iPad version of FM Go.

Have attached a screen shot of the print preview & then the printed version to show discrepancy.


How to replicate: as above

Workaround: onl;y workaround I have is to choose “PDF” rather than print in the print menu, then print via Canon Print App.


Anyone with a fix would be most apreciated, thanks