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Import Folder using PSoS

Question asked by twelvetens on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by twelvetens

I'm trying to automate an import of images in a folder.

The 'Import' script step doesn't allow this option when running as PSoS:



In the Folder of Files Import Options dialog box, choose the folder of image or text files that you want to import, or type the folder paths directly into the list. Specify one path per line. FileMaker Pro will use the first path it locates as the folder to import. For more information, see Importing a folder of files all at once and Creating file paths. This option is not supported from scripts running on FileMaker Server.

Anyone got any ways around this? We've paid for the MBS plugin for the server, but I can't find any functions to support this using that, which has got to be a first because generally that plug-in can do EVERYTHING!


Any help / ideas gratefully received...