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Unique number

Question asked by stekkie34 on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by jackrodgersjr

I have a question relating to the Unique numbering function.

I am a newly on the forum, and my apologies if this question has been asked over and over again. I couldn't find an answer when I tried a search.


* Sorry I have my program set to Dutch, so I can't tell you the exact descriptions of the options in English.


I have an order database of 6468 entries. I want a unique numbering for each of the entries, and have made a field with the options "Volgnummer", generated by "aanmaak" starting with the next value "6469" and up the value with "1". I have specified that the user can't change the value during data input. In the second tab "Bevestigen" I have checked the option "Unieke waarde" (Unique value).


So far so good.


The program nicely numbers every new record with an unique number, but when I decide to delete the last new entry, the numbering isn't corrected, so I am left with holes in my listing of order numbers. Is there a way that I can tell the Filemaker program to deduct a number when the record is deleted?


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