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Conditional Realtionships

Question asked by hellemomente on Oct 23, 2017
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I'm quite new to the FileMaker Software and I need some Help to do what I would call a conditional relationship.


I want to build a Database with 2 Tables



      > ID

      > NAME

      > TEAM Name

      > POSITION



     > ID

     > TEAM Name

     > Offense

     > Defense

     > Mid Left

     > Mid Right

     > Goal


Each Player can be in every team and can play every position.

Every Day I have different combinations of all.

I would like to import date of an .CSV which has all the Player Informations (ID, Name, Team Name, Position), but i would like to do a Printout for every team that tells me who is playing on which position in that team.


So Field Position in Player Table needs a relationship to Offense, Defense, ..., Goal in the team Table, with the condition, that eg in the Offense Flied only the Player is Shown that is in that Team an has Offense in the Player Tables Position field.


I Think i need a script and a relationship here.


Can anyone help?


Thanks from Germany