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Calculation for most recent date

Question asked by mrosenhek on Oct 23, 2017
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Can anyone tell me how to display the most recent date (from a related file) for/in the parent record?

I have used the GetnthRecord function in the past, to display data from the most recent related record, but now I need to find the most recent date (which may not be the last related record created.


This will display the data from the most recently created record

GetNthRecord ( Project_PROJECT_DESIGN::Design_Status_t ; Count ( Project_PROJECT_DESIGN::zkp_Project_Design_n ) )


This is what I have thus far but of course it works for the most recent related record, not the most recent DATE.


GetNthRecord (

employee_EHSFit::Date Tested ; Count (

employee_EHSFit::zkp_Fit_n )



Any takers? Thanks.