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Remote Server - Suddenly only a few can connect

Question asked by KimZ on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by KimZ

I have a strange situation.

I have 6 different companies in different areas accessing a server (FMserver14) hosed in a Data centre.

These clients have been accessing the same server without any problem for 1-6 years.

Simultaneously (Monday last week), they have a problem connecting. In an office of 4 people, only one can connect.

Some offices are all on FMP15- mac and windows. Only one Windows can connect.

Other offices, only one person can connect - largely FMP13 users.


I setup a second server, and transferred some of the files there. Everyone can connect to that one, so there is no issue with their FMP software, nor connection, nor the file.


I have managed to replicate the problem on my Mac, whereby if I use FMP 14 Adv, I can connect (to everything). On the same Mac, I have a copy of FMP12. It can Connect to the new server but it cant connect to the old one - the same problem the clients are having - "this file is not available on this host...."


So the server hosts then created a new server, same IP address. I loaded Server 15 on it. Port 5003 is open and I can connect to the databases, but only from Windows PC and Mac using 14Adv. - i.e. back to where I was.


I can access using FMgo.

Sharing is enabled.

Firewalls are open.


There is no consistency and no common denominator to this error.

Any suggestions ?