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Portal of Selected records based on field contents

Question asked by BillPlunkett on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by BillPlunkett

Used FM a lot in the past but have been away for quite awhile so excuse me for a simple problem that I have probably just forgotten how to do.


I am working on basically a simple project manager for in-house use.  Most everything is working except I want to display a subset of records in a value list.  Here's the gist:


I have 3 tables:  Projects, Functions, and Task.  The Function table has a link back to the Projects table and the Task table has links back to both Projects and Functions.  On the maintenance screen for all 3 tables I have a portal that list the records for that table.  Projects list all Projects (no problem - works), Function screen I want to list only the functions for the selected Project (not working) and Tasks should work the same by only listing tasks for the selected Function of the selected Project.


All 3 tables have a primary key that is a serial number - unique to the entire table.


How do I limit the Functions in the portal to only functions assigned to the selected Project?


thanks guys.