Value Lists DELETED

Discussion created by matthewlucas on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by Operadad

My multiuser solution that's been running for many years started acting funny towards the end of Friday. Scripts and sorting wasn't working all of a sudden, and after 30 minutes of checking the scripts, I found out that all 150+ of our value lists were MISSING. I work on the solution daily, and 25 or so people are constantly using the system, and out of nowhere our value lists just disappeared. No one was working anywhere near our value lists, and I have no idea how this could of happened.


Now that they're gone, I assume their relationship to sorting script steps, relationship sorting, and drop downs have been broken, so I'm going to begin importing records into the latest backup still containing the value lists.


Isn't this scary? Any ideas on how this could of happened? If you have a better way to recover my solution, I'd be interested to hear.