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Create, Name & Send PDF Attachment Issue

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by mikeo'neil

Hi Folks,


Testing on Mac 10.11.6 FMA 14.06


I need to Create, Name and Send pdf of a single record that is not not working. I am having several issues with this. I want to make this cross-platform.


  1. )  I am able to create the PDF to a desired directory/folder but am not able to give the pdf the desired name.
  2. )  The script then will email me to my email as desired but with no attachment.

$agName is the desired agency name from the database.

$Path is a folder on my desktop using Get(TemporaryPath) and the Agency name to name the pdf.



Set Variable [$AgName; Value; Agency_prefs::Agency_Name]

Set Variable [$Path; Value; Get(TemporaryPath) & $AgName]


Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog ; “$Path ; Current Record]


Send Mail (Send via E-mail Client ; No dialog ; to;

Subject: Field from db & “Registration” Message; “What Am I doing Wrong”


I reviewed multiple posts on this subject before posting