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What is the best way to setup these relationships?

Question asked by 5eppa on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by bigtom

So I am admittedly pretty new at Filemaker and here is kind of the question that I have. Our company does VOIP phone service on top of other things and we are trying to find a table that will make the job of billing a lot easier for us. We get a report each month from the company that is providing us with some of the numbers and such that shows who called, what company they are with, for how long and etc for each phone call made by one of our clients over the month. I am trying to get it to read all this information in and do some simple calculations to present it all in a manner easier for us to view. I have tried some things with both the list view and the portal tool but one of the issues I am running into seems to be in the relationships. See I am not sure if I should set it up such that the CDR is the Parent and the Companies are the Foreign keys as each report for the month includes many companies or since we want to be able to view the previous reports and information for each company going back several months at times if the parent should be the companies with the CDRs being the many. From there I may need some help figuring out my Portal Tool tables as they seem to be changing the Company IDs the way they are set up now but I will conquer that another time. In the meantime I would just like a recommendation as to how to best setup the relationship between these two tables?