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Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Oct 23, 2017
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I have a file where I reconcile my credit card statements (six different accounts).  I have 40-140 transactions per month per statement.  The transactions are one of four types of transactions.  The results need to be uploaded to our accounting program.  I have one of the more simpler, it is all expense transactions.  Easy-peasy.


The more complex is when transactions are tied to a purchase order, and to which company (there are two).  Transactions tied to a purchase order have already been keyed to the accounts payable.  So when I create my upload, I can omit the PO transactions for the primary company.  Transactions for the secondary company have also been keyed, but I need to account for them as an inter-company transaction.


The transactions are in a child table.  Then I export them to a temp Excel file to import to a table with some static fields needed for the upload in accounts payable.  Is there a way to script this?  I am sure there is, but it is slightly illusive for me.