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Displaying fields from join table in portal

Question asked by ergo99 on Oct 23, 2017
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Not quite sure how to phrase this question but I'll give it a shot. I've set up a join table between "Incidents" and "Sources" (one source may contain multiple Incidents, one Incident may contain multiple Sources). A portal in Incidents displays fields from the Sources table. In Incidents, I have a "checked" button which sets a timestamp as of when the record is checked. This script also sets a field in the join table (isChecked) to 1 or 0, telling me if the checkDate (Incidents record) is after the creationDate (join record): that is, if at the time the Incident record was checked, that particularly source had prior been related to the Incident.


How can I make this field in the join table appear on the Incidents layout? When I add the Join_Table::isChecked to the portal, it will only display the first record.


My brief workaround was effectively creating a separate portal to the Join_Table and putting it alongside the original portal, but you'd obviously have to scroll these simultaneously for it to work.


(If it's not obvious I'm still quite beginner at FMP so your patience is kindly requested)