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Make a field ready to be used as a file name?

Question asked by StevieP on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by richardsrussell

I thought this would be a very common problem but Google doesn't show anything helpful.

Basically: we want to send automatic order confirmations to customers. These confirmations need to be named as follows:


Confirmation [Customer name] [order number].pdf


Some customers, however, use illegal signs in their order number meaning Filemaker refuses to save the file. This was easily fixed by using the "substitute" function which worked for characters like \ and /  but then I started to run into problems: when I try to substitute a question mark (?) or ", Filemaker gives an error! While those are less common in order names, I don't want to risk not being prepared for it.


Basically, does anyone know how I can replace "?" and the character " in a fieldname?