Survey FileMaker Mac-Os and Windows

Discussion created by FredoMkb on Oct 24, 2017
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Hello all,


For the realization of a personal project, and after reading this informative discussion: Apple vs. Windows with regards to FileMaker


I wondered how many users and developers could use the FileMaker platform under Mac-Os and Windows environments. I did a lot of research on the Web, but unfortunately I did not find any interesting information.


I thought then that the best way was, certainly, to directly ask the main people concerned (users and developers) to share this information with a small informal survey and completely anonymous.


If the number of responses is significant, and all participants are honestly responding to the survey, then we might have fairly reliable information about how the FileMaker people is distributed in both Mac-Os and Windows environments.


The survey page is here: Survey FileMaker Mac-Os and Windows


You can discover the answers here: Survey FileMaker Mac-Os and Windows Results


Thank you all for your contribution!


PS. This survey has no official character, it is a personal initiative totally independent of any relationship with FileMakerInc or any other company.