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Carrying over information from one layout to another.

Question asked by nico200 on Oct 24, 2017
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I have created a 'contact' layout and would like to be able to press a button (if the contact in question works for a venue), once that button is pressed it takes you to a 'venue' layout - in this venue layout I would like some of the information from the contact layout (name, address etc.) to be carried over to the venue layout, so that I don't have to input it all again but I will also add more specific venue information to this layout.


I have created the contact layout, the button which when pressed does take me to the new venue layout, but I can't seem to work out how to ensure some of the contact information is carried over to the venue layout.


Apologies if I haven't explained this very well.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance,